The best things in life certainly don’t always happen on Fridays.  But, Fridays are my day to remember and share all the awesome things that collectively occurred in my life over the past few days.  I choose to share ten awesome things.  Oh boy, though, we all have so many more than ten awesome things in our lives each week.  We are all so blessed!

1.  Obtaining just one more drop out of the near empty shampoo bottle that has been tenuously balancing upside down in the shower for the past week.  Oh yea!
2.  Squeezing one last glob from the gnarled, rolled up tube of toothpaste that seems to have vanished so quickly yet again (I love brushing my teeth, by the way, and consequently employ a rather large toothpaste budget).

3.  A brand new bar of soap following the tedious use of the last few flakes of the former bar for three days prior.

Obviously there was trend to the awesomeness of my week.  Toiletries all seem to need replenishing at once in my house!

4.  A brand new bottle of the most succulent delicious smelling lotion on the face of the earth – slathered all over dry, cracked and thirsty hands.
5.  Lipbalm.  When your lips are so dry and so cracked, you feel as though you’re wearing a shriveled raisin for a mouth.

“Well, will you do me a favor then? Can you bring me my Chapstick?”
No, Napoleon.” 
But my lips hurt real bad!” 
Just borrow some from the school nurse. I know she has like five sticks in her drawer.” 
I’m not gonna use hers, you sicko!” 
See ya.” 
Uh! Idiot!”


6.  Homemade corned beef and cabbage.  It was the meat.  The quality of the meat makes all the difference in the world!
7.  iPods.  These are a great invention.  Really, truly.  Not quite as awesome as my iPhone, but still pretty darn great.
8.  Grace.  A gracious heart is more than any of us could ever ask for – awesome.
9.  Music.  Uplifting tunes are really great.  I love silence, but often times, hearing something really great just makes me feel good.  Sometimes the music I hear REALLY, really makes me want to break out and dance.  Needless to say, I’m rather reserved and abstain from such actions in my “very public” work environment.
10.  The Chameleon: [youtube]

I actually had to provide ELEVEN awesome things this week.  I just couldn’t resist.
11.  Time.  I’m sooooooo impatient.  I abhor waiting, and waiting, and waiting (even a few microseconds seems like an eternity to me).  I’m learning, though, time is AWESOME!  It’s not my time, it’s His.


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