This week was certainly interesting for me, but awesome nonetheless.

1.  Incredibly macho men playing the cello.  Yes, Jason, that’s you.  You’re pretty darn awesome!

2.  Hump Day.  For those of you who don’t know about this term – Wednesday is “hump day,” as you overcome the mid-week “hump.”  Wednesday actually happened to be my day off from work this week, so it was super duper awesome for me!

3.  “Bling” at the dentist.  My new dental office is actually named, Bling Dental.  The office is filled to the brim with bright, sparkly things.

4.  Cateye sunglasses.  Retro is pretty awesome these days.

5.  Sleeping in until 8am.  Need I say more?

6.  Coconut BUTTER.  I’m becoming particularly drawn to this lately.  I haven’t yet given up almond butter, but I’m loving the buttery sweet of coconut.  I’m going pretty crazy for it these days.

7.  Long conversations with friends.  No matter how late in the day or night, friendship is awesome.

8.  Visits to local farms for fresh picked cherries, berries, and more!  Zenger Farm is amazingly awesome – and so is fresh fruit off the tree or vine!

9.  Garlic scapes.  These fresh young shoots are delicious, with quite the bite.  I tasted these at the farm too, having shied away from them at the market or out to eat, with the fear of the unavoidable garlicky breath plight.  But, as they say, “when in Rome…”  The greens possess a delicate start, with a mighty sharp, spicy bite that somewhat lingers.  They were delicious.

garlic scape

10.  Real life – professional chef – cooking demos!  I learned a lot from Chad Sarno.  He’s engaging, funny, and so very talented.  The food he prepares is “wicked” awesome!

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