This week was an awesome week, most definitely!

1.  Sunshine and dry days in Colorado.  All things considered, awesome.


2.  Gorgeous sunrises ~ shades of sky blue pink, peach, and yellow.  Amazing and awe inspiring.


3.  Encouraging, thoughtful, and kind co-workers.  It’s like night and day – my boss brought me flowers on my first day of work!  Too awesome.

4.  Safety and health.  With a natural disaster in our backyard, front yard, and side yard, we survived in a small patch of a safety oasis.  It was surreal and I will be forever thankful and grateful.

The mountain town of Jamestown, CO is devastated by the massive floods to hit 14 counties in CO.

  • Thank the Lord we are safe…but no access to The Cabin for a while.

5.  Opportunity and timing.  When the two coincide, it’s AWESOME!

6.  Indian Summers.  After the rain, it’s back to 86 degrees with warm mornings.  I love that.

7.  Quiet time.  I had a few nights all to myself again this week.  Awesome.

8.  Silence interrupted by the sound of uncontrollable laughter.  All was calm…and then I heard it.  All out, busting at the seams laughter.  Terrific.  Awesome.


9.  Sleep.  I had some pretty awesome nights of sleep this week.  Uninterrupted and sound.  It felt so good.

10.  Delicata squash!  Fall is here and winter squash abounds.  I love both kabocha and delicata.  They are so delicious and so rare until this time of year!

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