As 2014 begins, so does a new consistently inconsistent blogging life for me.  I am working to make more time for other items in my life, other commitments, and focus on other ways to nourish myself.
I have to admit, it’s only been 2 days and I’m already feeling rather out of breath at the idea of neglecting my posts and writing.
Some day, I know, I’ll be back in the swing of things –

Things that are meant to be, are simply meant to be.

In any case, 2014 will also see a change to Awesome Ending Fridays.
Life is still fantastically awesome, no doubt.  Yet on Fridays, we shall change things up a bit.  The awesomeness of life is now lending itself to:

“Fabulous Finishing Fridays”

Why the change in language, you may ask?
Simply stated, “Because it’s fabulous.”

10 FABULOUS thoughts, ideas, and items to finish off the first few days of the year:

1.  Community


2.  Wrap Around Porches


3.  Dinner in Front of a Warm Fire

4.  Happy People

5.  Almond Milk Lattes

real drink

6.  Date Night

7.  Truffle Almond Date Kale Chips ~ oh, The Kale Company, how I will continue to miss you.

8.  Afternoon Drives

9.  Unsolicited Back Rubs

10.  Blue Skies, AlwaysIMG_1923

One thought on “Fabulous Finishing Fridays

  1. You know I’ll always pay attention to fabulousness in any of its many forms. Good for you – change is risky, and you’re willing to go for it!

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