I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but I simply do not know why I waited so long to bring kraut into my life.  I love it.  It’s amazing.  In fact, I’m hooked – at this point I feel like I could eat kraut just about every day!


I have the opportunity to teach a kraut-themed class this past weekend.  Oh the list goes on as to all the health benefits that fermented foods provide.
I spent the week prior contemplating ideas, brainstorming creative recipes, and developing my menu.  I wanted to think outside the kraut box, and introduce more than just the “slop atop the hotdog” idea of sauerkraut.  Kraut to me, is so much more than just cabbage.  Zing, tang, spice…

My photos, as usual, are utterly unacceptable.  My poor little iPhone and the ridiculous lighting I have at work lend to quite terrible images.  Sigh – I do my best.  As you read the descriptions, though, and imagine me in my tiara (no, I didn’t really wear the costume this time), I am confident that your mouth will water and you’ll be begging for the recipes and to experiment on your own.



So…I’ve decided to dedicate the next two days to providing the recipes!

To entice – Le Menu:

Queen of the Kraut

Ginger Kraut Pecan  Pâté
    Ruby Red Beet and Kraut
       Roasted Butternut Almond-Chee
           Secret Brownies
               Secret Brownies

Stay tuned…


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