Years ago I had the amazing opportunity to spend a weekend with Marc David.  His knowledge, experience, and insight make him one of the most admirable people in my life.  I feel that deep inside my soul, I already know much of what he says, but am unable to recognize the meaning until he eloquently utters his thoughts and premonitions.

I so vividly remember him telling me the story of his “addiction” to bran muffins.  In fact, I remember the story as if he shared it with me just yesterday.

Being that I seem to be continuously caught in a warp of obsession, compulsion, habit, or craving in one area of my life or another, the timing of this piece arriving in my inbox speaks wonders.  Timing is everything.  Trust in His perfect timing.

“The answer lies in the nature of yearning. Life itself is a yearning. We yearn for meaning, purpose, love, and the fulfillment of our desires. Behind every human act, no matter how singular or small, is a yearning for more: more life, more depth of experience. Through the many difficulties and obstacles we face, our yearnings may become distorted. The natural yearning for inner strength may become a compulsion for power over others. The yearning for love may be turned into a hopeless attempt to gain approval from everyone we meet. Or the yearning for self-fulfillment may become an obsession to accumulate money and prestige. The body also yearns. It yearns for food, water, touch, sound and sensuality. It yearns for aliveness through sweet things, tasty things, and whatever stimulates and excites the senses to a heightened experience of life. The body yearns for more of itself. “

Marc’s entire piece on The 3 Kinds of Cravings is most profound.  My desire is that it would speak to you just as much as it speaks to me.  After all, we are all Craving4More.


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