I thought I was doing it right all along.

I was wrong.

I bite my tongue.

For years, I thought I carried the secret to the perfect hard boiled egg.

However, amidst that perfection, I still struggled with the peeling of the egg.  No matter what ~ I followed all the tricks and trades ~ those little crackled shells still seemed to hang on to the white exterior, taking with their tiny pieces valuable elements to my belly and palate and a bit of my salvation along the way.

I tried old eggs every which way.  This was supposed to seal the deal and create the easiest peel possible.


And then I found it.

photo 2

Check this out:

Making the Perfect Boiled Eggs

STEAMING the eggs.
You got it.
COLD eggs added to the steam.
You really can lower the cold eggs into the boiling water – but I feared cracks and breaks and an egg nightmare – so I stuck with the steaming route.


11 minutes to a bright yellow yolk and perfect hard boil

9 minutes to a brilliant, ooey, gooey divine mess.


photo 1

Of course, add a bit of Herdez salsa, some Florida Sunshine sea salt, fresh cilantro…

and there you have it…

photo 3

Served atop mashed squtternut bash (butternut squash for those less informed) and a bit of raw cheddar cheese…

photo 4

photo 5


Buttered up steamed cauliflower…

photo 6

It’s perfect.  You can’t go wrong!

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