The weather in Portland was truly awesome this week.  In celebration of this spring tease, I dusted off my sneakers (oh they have been so lonely and neglected since I hurt my foot in the middle of February – hmph) and took a stroll around the neighborhood.  I decided that with the lovely sunshine and warmth, I would photograph ten truly awesome things on my walk, and share them as my post this week.  The one image I was unable to capture – which really was the best – was a man walking towards me bundled in his puffy down coat, long pants, with a wool cap and scarf.  This is not a surprising look in Portland.  The wool cap is sported all year round.  However, it struck me as hysterical to see this man bundled so, when I had spent my entire evening devoid of a jacket (shocking, yes, as I’m the queen of the shivers), a paper thin t-shirt, and knicker length jeans.  This sight made me smile, chuckle inside, and topped off the awesome ending to my sunset jaunt.

1.  I’m not sure what these beauties are called, but they seem to grow everywhere in Portland!IMG_3790 IMG_3791 IMG_3792

2.  This is another wild-growing variety of spring-time bloom in the area.  The hue is a bit more violet than the popping pink of the former.


3.  Oh I just adore cherry blossoms.  The light pink delicate blooms and the intoxicating aroma…IMG_3794

4.  Tulip Magnolias – something I’d never encountered until moving to the Northwest.


5.  I’m intrigued, yet also very intimidated by the current cross-fit fitness fad.  Anyone who knows me well enough can attest to the fact that I am certainly not easily intimated by anything fitness or exercise related, but for some reason, I fear the grunting and groaning and all-out effort inspired by these folks.  Perhaps I’ll blame my procrastination in exploring this fanaticism to ill perfected timing.  Without perfection in everything for me, things lose appeal…
Really, though, I very much admire the community surrounding these gyms.  People are forever positive, encouraging, and upbeat!  I could hear the music pounding from this “box” several blocks away.  That’s pretty awesome!


6.  I have yet to read this little childhood gem – but am uber excited!  I especially adore the ring to the author’s name: Esme Raji Codell.  It’s beautiful.  I picked this up at the library on my walk – at the suggestion of a great friend.
sahara7.  It’s true.  This does exist in NW Portland.  I’ve always wanted to go inside, but…my hesitation continued this evening.  It’s just a little too WEIRD.


8.  The Fremont Bridge is by no means the most spectacular or beautiful bridge in the city.  It’s rather basic and industrial.  But, it’s my favorite.  It’s just SO BIG!  I get a tremendous thrill driving across the massive steel and concrete, as the beams and rails tower above and below.  I don’t often drive in the city, however, when I get a chance, I almost always make an excuse to travel through this awesome gateway.

9.  When the sun shines, EVERYONE is outside.  The streets and sidewalks are packed with pedestrians.  Portlanders have a reputation of getting out and going in the rain – but oh boy, when the sun shines, so welcomes those who “have never seen the light of day!”  The streets were packed tonight.

10.  This is actually not from my evening walk this week, but from the Woodburn Tulip Festival last year.  It’s still tulip season and I just love this photo – it’s awesome.  So, I figured, why not?
Tulip 2

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  1. The awesome flowers in pics 1 and 2: AZALEAS! According to the Azalea Society of America, azaleas are called “the royalty of the garden.” 🙂

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