Well, I committed to and Awesome Ending post each Friday – so here’s my week’s worth of awesome.

Make sure you share all of your awesome!

1.  Sunshine in the winter in the PNW
2.  A fresh cup of hot coffee in the morning after a two week break – really awesome!
3.  Friendly and thoughtful co-workers
4.  Stretching out like a cat after just waking in the morning
5.  WARM fireplaces
6.  HOT bubble baths after freezing all day long…
7.  Hearing your favorite song for the 5th time that week
8.  Walking from your house to the movie theater – so awesome when you come from a completely suburban lifestyle!
9.  Ridiculously cute postcards from long lost childhood friends
10.Closing your eyes, breathing in a hug and really feeling it when there’s no one around to actually give it to you –  and observing others’ reactions when they look at you like you’re crazy getting an imaginary hug!

I’m sorry, but I cannot hold back – I cannot just stick to 10 this week.

11. Inspirational emails sharing life changes and thanksgiving directed at things you’ve done (basically, kudos) – SO AWESOME!
12.  The butchers in the Meat Dept.  These guys are great.  I love them.  Even if they simply cannot remember my name.  Raw meat must be the answer to all life’s troubles – these guys are happy!

Have an awesome weekend!  And JUMP FOR JOY!


2 thoughts on “Awesome Ending Fridays

  1. Really AWESOME as I sip my second or third coffee in the trailer on my awesome Friday. My cat stretch is next! Inspiring photo … I will look to take a photo like this … should I be so lucky … when we head into the SoCal Anza Borrego desert in mid-March … except I will be in search of Big Horn Sheep … and lots of wild flowers!

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