What are 10 awesome things about YOUR week?

1.  Three-Day Weekends.  Labor Day is here!


2.  Exotic Meat BBQs…more on this to come.

3.  Jason Seib and Sarah FragosoEveryday Paleo workshop in Denver was fantastic ~ “epic” ~ awesome.

4.  Big, Warm, Cozy Sweaters.  I love the arrival of autumn for many, many reasons.  An excuse to wear a snuggly sweater is just one of them.

5.  New Shoes.  Whether they be fancy schmancy or just your favorite sneakers that feel like heaven on your tootsies, new shoes are just all around awesome.

6.  Lazy Days.  I don’t have the opportunity to sleep in very often, and even when I do, the rest of the day seems to be jam packed with busyness.  I really appreciate those days of quiet and silence and solitude, with nothing on my list to do and plenty of time to just laze ~ or more appropriately, enjoy the things I desire to do rather than feel obligated to do.

7.  Back to School!  I was a huge nerd as a child and I adored the excitement and anticipation of returning to school in the fall.  I still, to this very day, get a bit of a rush walking through the halls of a school building – I just love learning.  It’s AWESOME!


8.  Bookstores.  I know Amazon is so much more economical, but there is nothing quite like the four walls of a bookstore, where you can smell the ‘fragrance’ of freshly printed pages and view floor to ceiling stacks of books lining the walls.  The Tattered Cover in Denver will always have my heart for this.  And, yes, I know iPad lovers enjoy reading on their tablets, but I, for one, believe that there is nothing like that tactile experience of those inked pages running through your fingers.


9.  Quiet Morning Walks.  All alone and just with my thoughts.  Awesome.

10.  The Rising of the Sun.  It doesn’t get any better than that, right?  We are here, blessed each day, and the sun will always rise, no matter what.  Pretty awesome.


4 thoughts on “Awesome Ending Fridays

  1. Ohhh I used to hate the first day of school! I used to get SO nervous and get the feeling of butterflies in my stomach the night before! I agree with morning walks AND book stores, I’ve never been a fan of reading books on tablets! I love REAL books! 🙂

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