Let’s be honest, folks.  This week has been less than awesome in any and all estimations.

I suffered a tremendous deal of sadness, pain, hurt, frustration, and fear.

Life is hard.

Life is overwhelming.

Life is unfair.

Yet, through it all, I must persist, and life can still show us some awesomeness.

Through the surreptitious sorrow and seemingly eternal exasperation of this week ~ and the last few months, for that matter ~ I have committed to a report of week-ending awesomeness.  It’s there.  I have to dig deep at times, but it’s definitely there.

My 10 pieces of thanksgiving and gratitude (and awesomeness) for the week:

1.  A warm and cozy bed at night

img00002-20100810-0907**If only this cutie pie would be there to snuggle with me outside my awesome dreams…

2.  A loving and supportive family

3.  A job I enjoy

4.  The gift of laughter

5.  Flexibility (physical and emotional)

6.  Pinterest – eye candy for when I need a daydreaming boost!


7.  Gentle nudges and not so gentle encouragement at times

8.  Kerrygold butter

9.  Best “Blogging Buddies” to make me smile and drool ~ Paleo in PDX and Cinnamon Eats

10.  Pumpkin spice everything!


11.  One more bonus…BACON GRANOLA!  That’s right.  I just discovered this and have ordered 1 WHOLE POUND to try!!


This has made my whole week, can’t you tell?

4 thoughts on “Awesome Ending Fridays

  1. Sorry to hear about your rough week, but I’m glad you were still able to find the silver lining. I agree — life is hard, unfair, etc., but it is also amazing and beautiful. During the tough times, it can be difficult to remember the pleasures and joys too. Hugs to you! Thanks for the kind words too!

  2. Hey Ash! Just saw this! First off thank you for the sweet words 🙂 you and Alisa are both so inspirational to me and I love your work! I hope things are looking up for you, I know life can get hard and we can lose sight of the good around us. Trust me I’ve been feeling it this week and I may blog about it but it’s hard for me to open up to so many people! I’m just constantly reminding myself of the positives surrounding me and I’m happy to see you are doing the same. 🙂

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