Awesome, indeed.

What does it mean to be awesome?

A             Astonishing.  To truly astonish is to truly surprise, inspire, and impress.

W            Wonderful.  To be wonderful is to inspire, delight, and be admirable.

E              Excellent.  To be excellent is to be superb, outstanding, and wonderful.

S              Salubrious.  To be salubrious is to be  nurturing, and nourishing.

O             Overwhelming.  To overwhelm is to affect deeply, in mind and emotion.

M            Marvelous.  To marvel is to instil remarkable wonder, to astonish.

E              Exceptional.  To be exceptional is to be extraordinary.


We are The Awesomes.

2 thoughts on “Awesome Ending Fridays

  1. One of my favorite poetry assignments was ‘acrostic poems’; this would get an A.

    Hugs, Tina

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