Oh, the holidays are finally over and so are the crazy days of shopping amongst the crowds.

I actually love shopping. I’m an introvert in many ways and crowded malls and jam packed venues cause me much anxiety. My empathic heart feels each and every emotion of those surrounding me, yet, I’m almost always up for a trip to investigate something “new.” I have my favorite stores and local shops, which I frequent more than enough, I’m sure. I do also enjoy new experiences in the shopping world, and am eager to rate my experience as to whether or not I’ll make a return visit. I’m picky. I like things to be just so ~ I have my standards.

Thus, the opportunity to review a storefront, rather than just a new product, was and is more than exciting.
Not just a frequenter of physical storefronts, I am an avid online shopper. In fact, these days, it seems to be easier to find precisely what I want and need online. Sure, a physical investigation is necessary at times, but it’s also true that SO many items we hear about through the grapevine simply are only accessible through the inter webs. This is particularly true for the unique and intricate articles that tend to be most pleasing to my gourmet palate.

Many online stores, with the exception of the Amazon monopoly out there, have very specific themes to their products, pigeon-holing them into only a very small shopping demographic. When it comes to food “stuffs,” there are sites that cater specifically to the Paleo connoisseur, the raw foodists, the vegans, the Primal fans, and even just the “foodies.” Barefoot Provisions, however, is unique in that it caters to all of these groups of goodness lovers. And, it does so impressively well.

In my opportunity to review, I wanted to rate my online shopping experience with Barefoot Provisions from start to finish, with great detail and a true discerning eye. I’ve known about the company for quite sometime, eyeing the delectable delights offered, with the full intention to grab myself some goodies for a kitchen creation. After all, there are simply so many options ~ who wouldn’t?

The site is beautifully done. Creative, clear, informative, and certainly pleasing to the eye. I love the toggling images on the homepage, crafted to please and tempt the tastebuds, for sure. I like that the features change as well, indicating that these folks are on top of their game and neglecting details in no small way. And, a clear and conscious tagline, “Curated and considered for the modern primal life,” makes me smile no less. After all, we are all modern AND primal, simultaneously. So true.

It also greatly pleased me to see the social media “following” options and a search tab so easily accessible. This is particularly important for those of us who blog, promote, and grow with the reliance of the social mediaz and inter webs.

Okay, so outstandingly clear and sharp, as well as easy to navigate with different categories and areas of interest at the top of the page, Barefoot Provisions further breaks things down into even more categories of interest, including  “$5 or Less,” “Bestsellers,” “Whole30 Friendly,” “Coconut Foodstuffs,” “Chocolates,” “New and Exciting,” and more. Brilliant! Oh, and the variety…exceptional! Flours, nuts, sea minerals, olives, and seafood – this is a dream! In my less than city-living situation, these things are hard to find. What a blessing it is to have them all in one location!

Making the decision as to what exactly to order was the most difficult part of the entire process. I simply wanted (and still do) to try everything. After pouring over the choices for some time, I opted for some very new items to tingle my palate, those which I’ve been dreaming about for quite ages:




  • Simple Kale Salad with Raw Olives
    2 cups raw kale, shredded
    1 Tbs. fresh lemon juice
    2 Tbs. extra virgin olive oil
    7 Black Botija Olives
    2 tsp. sea salt
    1 tsp. freshly ground pepper
    Carefully massage the lemon juice and oil into the delicate kale leaves – barely bruising, but thoroughly kneading. Sprinkle with olives, sea salt and pepper.
  • Mesquite Powder – sweet and nutty and full of flavor and dreams – truly.
  • Skinny B Cereal – or Holy Crap Cereal – I just HAD to try this. Really. Holy Crap, I mean, come on!


– Oh, and guess what, these guys threw in a baby-sized little sample of Caveman Cookies for me…how did they know?

Once my shopping cart was full, all I had to do was click a few buttons, enter my email, and shebang! I was set.

I immediately received an order confirmation email and then a shipping confirmation email to follow. And guess what, the goodies arrived within days! I was shocked. Honestly, in past food ordering experiences, with smaller and more independent companies, I have had to wait an eternity. This was not the case. Barefoot is LIGHTNING FAST. This, of course, is perfection for the impatience in me.

Once my box arrived, I was pleased as punch with the delicate packaging. Everything was in poifect condition and, along with my free little sweet treat sample, I was able to dive in right away and read a little bit more about the company with a a sweet info note and invitation to come back – a polite “thank you,” if you will.

The final detail of delight was the customer satisfaction survey + a coupon code I received via email just a few days later.

You guys are great. You hit it out the of the park. Little and independent ~ this is what we want to support ~ and thus, we will continue with extreme patronage.

And now, I’m off to the kitchen to snack on a few more of my second favorite olives – rich and deep and overly delicious – and, of course, to finish off my last bite of raw chocolate. Oh, and I just might have to come up with something super duper amazing for that raw and living Mesquite Powder too!


Caramel Crunchy Macadamias (kinda like caramel corn)

1 cup macadamia nuts, soaked 30 minutes and then drained
1 tsp. cinnamon
1 Tbs. Mesquite powder
1 Tbs. date syrup (2 dates soaked, drained and then pureed with 2 Tbs. – 1/4 c. soaking water)

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Combine the cinnamon and mesquite with the date syrup (for a tad bit of extra caramel sweet) and the nuts. Toss to coat well. Toast on a parchment lined baking dish for about 15-20 minutes, carefully watching not to burn.

Allow to cook and bask in the goodness.


Thanks, Marty and the Barefoot Gang!


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  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve looked at their store, but haven’t ordered anything from them…yet! I’ve got to try your macadamia nut recipe. I’m sold on anything with macadamia nuts.

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