Burgers are great.  They are the best.

In fact, I’d take a grass fed burger over a steak any day.  Honestly.  I know it’s hard to believe ~ I’m a cheap date, right?  No really, I just prefer the texture, taste, flavor…everything…of my burgers over other cuts of beef.

I love to make buffalo burgers at home.  Mixed with a spicy peach salsa, the ground meat forms into juicy, flavorful, and delectable patties on the grill.  I’m an expert burger creator, inventor, and connoisseur when it comes to new and interesting concoctions.   I was actually so honored when working at Whole Foods Market to have been asked to contribute my burger expertise to the “Best Burger Competition” in April of 2013.  After several hours of testing, (this did include a Spicy Thai Peanut Butter Burger, by the way) and quite a belly ache from tasting over 9 different meat patties over the course, my creation won out…Blackberry, Basil, Feta Lamb Burger.  It was awesome!  (I suppose…upon request, I could furnish that winner of a recipe to those who inquire).

Anyway, both bison and lamb are two of the best meats when it comes to burger creations.  So, I thought to myself this week, why not make both – together?

A little sea salt, a little pepper, and a hot and fiery grill.  No problem.  Bison Lamb Burger brilliance!

Bison Lamb Burger Brilliance 

1/2 lb. ground buffalo (bison)
1/2 lb. ground lamb
Sea salt
Black pepper

Combine all ingredients and mix well.  Form into 3 patties – 2 if you’re REALLY hungry!  Fire up the grill, cook on low heat and flip at some point (you know your grill – do it your way).  Serve when medium rare, juicy, and just darn brilliant.


Not just one patty, but two!  Why not?


4 thoughts on “Bison Lamb Burger Brilliance!

  1. Hey Ashley,

    Not to be picayunish or anything. You know I love your writing. I would just like to suggest that in the sentence about furnishing the “…winner of a recipe to those that inquire” you use “who” instead of “that.” There are people who insist “that” is simply incorrect. I don’t know, but I do think that “who” is better and more “human related.”

    Just a passing thought for your writing practices.



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