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I know food.  My relationship with food is both vast and intimate.  I know the chemistry of food, I know the art of food, and I oh so know the emotion of food.  I adore food and yet I grieve it.  My goal, though, is to respect food for what it is – nourishment.

I pursue health.  Physical, emotional, spiritual well-being is a constant journey and Craving4More.

In my pursuit and through my Craving4More, I have discovered REAL Life.

Real Thoughts.

Real Food.

Real Life.

An Unconventional Recovery from Disordered Eating.

For over two decades I lived in a world of anxiety and isolation.  All that surrounded me, or that I was able to see and feel, involved food and exercise obsession.  My reality seemed so incredibly small and painful.  I could not get through a day, or even a moment, without the crippling fears and icy control delivered by the mere thought of food.

Years of therapy and work towards self discovery provided little help or any relief at all.  Digging deeper into the meaning behind my obsessions only led me into further frustration, compulsive behaviors, and obsessive research into the realm of food and nutrition.  Everything in my life evolved to incorporate my reality of health and nutrition.  There existed nothing else – no balance – really, no life in general.

It wasn’t until I began to change my approach to life that things began to shift.  Suddenly, instead of seeking outward change, I simply went inside myself and began to truly love what was there.  Learning to love myself, truly, is where REAL life began for me.  This is where I truly believe REAL life begins for everyone.  Traditional therapy approaches most often disregard this vital aspect of being.  

Additionally, I worked hard to change my “traditional diet” mindset to that of REAL food (Paleo living) and a lifestyle of true health and wellness.  I learned that in order to love myself, it was necessary to eschew mainstream media and all that surrounds modern “fitspiration;” Real thoughts, real food, and real life.

I know that my story of transformation can and will provide a sense of hope for all those women (and men) who have struggled for a lifetime with food and body.  I believe my change and transformation is a continual journey, as is REAL life in general.  I still struggle from time to time, but I want others to know that REAL life is possible.


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10 thoughts on “the book

  1. I just ordered your book. I have a feeling that your mission to bring hope to others will roll forward faster than you can imagine! (I think I just sounded like a fortune cookie! LOL) Well done and thank you for sharing your hope!!

    1. Amie, I am touched by your kind words and honored to be able to reach people like you and beyond. Often our journeys involve such struggle and pain. Yet, it is through those difficulties that we truly discover our gifts and blessings.

    1. Rebecca,
      This is an ebook – a simple download to your computer or tablet. I hope you have the opportunity to purchase it and enjoy it. I feel blessed to have the chance to touch the lives and hearts of others.

  2. I would really like to order your book but I would like to know more about it . Does it give eating guidelines or just more like spiritual guidance? Thanks Mindy

    1. Hi Mindy! Thanks so much for your interest. The book is a compilation of my story and journey, coupled with the science behind the “unconventional” approach I have taken in my battle with eating. While the guidance I offer can be considered spiritual in a way, as I believe all aspects (body, mind, spirit) are related, the words offer more concrete steps and information, but also hope and inspiration.
      I hope that helps. Please feel free to email me directly for more information or to purchase the book.

      Ashley Sara

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