Ext-roar-dinary.  Ext-ROAR-dinary.

Not extra-ordinary.  Ext-ROAR-dinary.  Do you see the difference?  Do you hear the difference?  Do you feel the difference?

Something special.  Something amazing.  Something really worth it – preternatural, perhaps.

The latter really just sounds like a little bit more of the ordinary.  “Would you like an extra side of ordinary with that?”

“No, thank you.  I’ll take mine ext-ROAR-dinary.”


Dinner was nothing new tonight.  We’ve had it before.  Sweet, delicate winter squash, stuffed with sausage and sauteed kale, drizzled with fig balsamic vinegar.  I love it.
My butchers, though, they are something else.  They know my love affair with kale – they know it well.
Waiting for me today, along with a smile: chicken and turkey kale sausage.  Not just ordinary.  Not even extra-ordinary.  Ext-ROAR-dinary!


Or, as Marc says in his best Clint Eastwood voice, “That was good.”

5 thoughts on “Extraordinary

  1. We had kale, shallots, green apples, garlic saute on my homemade tortillas with raw milk cheddar melted tonite after our 290 mile drive to San Luis Obispo. I am a Kale follower of yours and like your kale / squash idea too! Tell Clint my tacos were “Good too!”

  2. Interesting. Where do you get Chicken turkey kale sausage? There is a whole foods here. Love, mom

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