Those of us who consider ourselves “foodies,” simply enjoy food, or navigate some sort of a relationship with food, must be aware that on some basic level feasting on food is about so much more than just the nutriment on our plates.

Meals nourish us physiologically, but it also feed us spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically.  Meals – not just food.

Educating a group of highly motivated and engaged individuals last night, we held a transformative discussion regarding such a philosophy.  Eating is about so much more than just the fare.  The preparation, the love, the creativity, the aroma, the environment, and the community…
Meals are intended to be a community event.
Certainly not all of us have access to company every day of the week, nor for every meal.  Even I am just as human as the rest of us, guilty of scrambling through breakfast or lunch breaks, working away at the computer with food – in – hand.  That’s modern life – but should it be?

What really nourishes is the entire experience.  Shopping, cooking, creating, laughing, enjoying, and spending time together at the table.  Our most memorable meals always involve shared experiences with others.  We are social creatures.  We live in a community.  We are fed and nourished by community.  We CRAVE 4 MORE community and company.

An interesting etymological fact – the word companion comes from the combination of the Latin words ‘com’- “with” + ‘panis’ “bread,” literally meaning “bread fellow.”


Nourish your body, mind, and spirit.  Feed yourself.  Food, friends, and Light.

**Again, I must credit the amazing photography to my fellow blogger Stéphane of My French Heaven.  He truly has the most beautiful photography around.  He is inspiring.  The Most Perfect Evening.  So lovely.  Thank you for your talent.

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