What’s new in the vodka world?

Mostly, I wouldn’t know, as I’ve never had an affinity for vodka.

Until now

The background for Glass Vodka starts in Washington State. Ian MacNeil, the founder and, owner, has built a gorgeous distillery for the product in Downtown Seattle. Ian is also on the board of directors for the Museum of Glass in Seattle, great friends with Dale Chilouly, and married is love of art and distilling by working with art students in Seattle to design the bottle.
Thus, not only is the product a work of art, so is the packaging.

It’s magical…

And I’ve also heard the original distiller, Melina, is quite the wizard herself – never once tweaking the original recipe. She reached perfection on her first try.

And, so for the uniquely delicious vodka:

Chateau St. Michelle’s Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc grapes are distilled into the original bottle of Glass Vodka, making the original the base for the entire line of products.

The Nectar is infused with natural honey from Seattle. The honey is “vintage” because every batch is different due to the innate cycling of season and different bees.

The Spice imparts a dry, thin flavor of cinnamon. Ceylon Cinnamon from Sri Lanka is used, large sticks infusing the vodka for a week to obtain just the right flavor and a gorgeous amber color.

The Kona is the original Glass infused with Kona beans from Hawaii. The distillery receives the Kona beans when they are green and roasts them with a local partner. Once the beans have been roasted and cold pressed, the vodka is added, which means it’s caffeinated. 

The Kona, being my favorite, seemed to me to be a perfect sipping drink for after dinner – YES, it’s that smooth – however, now that I’ve learned of the caffeine content, I think I’ll swap out my morning coffee for a shot of Kona Glass –


The product is truly gorgeous in every way. Smooth, silky, and sip worthy.

Thank you, Glass Vodka, for opening my palate.


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  1. Hi, Ian MacNeil was the original distiller and founder. He hired Melaina Moustakis 1.5 years ago. She did make a perfect batch her first time and it became a special bottling called the Distiller’s Cut! Thank-you for enjoying and writing about Glass Vodka!

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