So, I’ve been in love with many of Go Raw‘s products for years and years – ever since my “raw food” days. Enzyme-rich, chock full of nutrition, and with a magnificent display of flavor and fun, these “live” treats have always been some of the best on the market.

Once Go Raw hit mainstream, landing on the shelves of Whole Foods, the ball really started rolling. The name brand was beginning to become familiar even outside my little circle of life.
NOW, I even see these bright and brilliant packages (recently “remodeled”) on the shelves of my conventional supermarket.

Striking success! Not just for the company, but for the American public.

Our lives are riddled with so much #*ap! Sugar-laden, processed, faux foods are everywhere to be found. Junk Food.

Go Raw is different.

It’s “junk-free” food.

It’s really.

And, it’s delicious.

Things have changed with the brand since my last impression, and not just the label. By the way, if not gathered from the language above, my first impression was definitely positive.

The flavor options of the flax crackers and cookies have expanded dramatically (Ginger Snap and Spiced Chai will always be my personal fav), Sprouted Bars and Bites have arrived, Granola, Sprouted Seeds, Raw Chocolate, Coconut Crisps (oh, swoon), and Salad Snax (amazing take on everyone else’s kale chips – these are better, for sure) are all now available. Oh my

I was gifted, most recently, with the opportunity to sample and review a few items I had yet to try. What a deal!

I love trying new things – and being that I’m never fearful to share my honest and superbly tactful opinion – this experience was a win-win.

Go Raw-005

Zesty Pizza Sprouted Flax Snax

Yum! Who wouldn’t want little bites of Italian pizza to munch on as a snack? Actually, we’ve all had those “pizza flavored” experiences where we are left with either no flavor at all or a super salty, over spiced train-wreck in our mouths. The flax snax are neither. They are crunchy little bites of joy. Maybe slightly overdone on the garlic and onion side, though. I suppose if you are a true garlic lover, this may float your boat. But for me, I needed a little extra to wash it down – perfectly paired with raw red pepper. No problem.
What I most enjoyed, though, was the crunch. Crisp and complete satisfaction. Yay for Zesty Pizza.

Carrot Cake Cookie

“The sweetness of carrots married with the spicy flavor of nutmeg—welcome to the delicious Cookie that tastes like a crunchy piece of carrot cake! It’s got the cake flavor with the goodness of a raw snack that your body will thank you for.”

That’s right ~ a little bite of carrot cake with all the crunch you need for a satisfying snack. I’m all in here, folks. I’m a goddess of nutmeg and cinnamon, in both my sweet and savory concoctions. The sweet spices make my heart sing – without any sugar. And, Go Raw has it down. Carrot Cake is almost always waaaaaaay to sweet and rich for my taste buds, but I simply crave the spice. I get it here – and I get my veggies too. I love them – and I think you will too. Coconuts, dates, and carrots – truly sweet combination. I’ll take the Cake any day!

Go Raw-003

Cocoa Crunch Granola

When it comes to cereal and granola, the one criteria that is a an absolute must for me is CRUNCH. It simply has to be crunchy or I am not a fan. That’s it.
It’s good thing the title says it all: CRUNCH.
My expectations were somewhat high, and they were met.
Crispy, crunchy granola – “healthy” enough for breakfast, hearty enough for a snack, and slightly sweet enough for dessert!

“The rich flavor of organic cacao melds perfectly with buckwheat, dates, coconut and a mix of seeds, making a delicious granola on its own or added to your favorite dessert.”

The almost “air filled” crisps were light and crispy, yet dense and super delicious. They were certainly sweet enough for me to be considered a bit of dessert on their own, perhaps tossed with a little fruit. Sensational…and one serving was certainly enough!
Oh, and did I mentioned the fabulous fiber content? I know that seems silly – but with a combo of sesame, sunflower, hemp, coconut, and date…this granola is more than hearty in the health department.

Go Raw-004

Sprouted Bars

Offered a little sampling of a few flavors – Banana Bread, Raisin Crunch, Live Pumpkin, and Real Live Apricot – I felt a little greedy.
The flavor names are more than accurate. I felt like the Banana Bread really did pack a banana flavor punch. Of course it did…who are we kidding? Go Raw uses real ingredients! The Raisin Crunch and Real Live Apricot were pretty strong in the flavor department too. Very much, in fact. With all the sweetness the three fruit varieties offered, I actually preferred the simplicity of the Live Pumpkin. To me, it felt more satisfying and complete, as a snack should feel, rather than like a sweet treat. Perhaps if dessert is more of what your mood requests the other chewy bars are the key to your heart. For me, I’m straight-laced and simple – Plain Jane in many ways. And besides the “just a little too sweet” for my tongue buds, I was hoping for a tad more crunch. These bars are soft and chewy, and pretty moist. Perfect for some, I would imagine. But I do love my crunch…

Apart from the functionality of flavor, truly “raw” foods are amazing in other ways.

Dehydrated gently at 85 degrees, sprouted raw foods retain the maximum amount of enzymes, nutrition, and flavor.

  • Raw foods are loaded with enzymes that help the body to properly digest and assimilate food for optimal nutritional value. It’s LIVE.
  • Enzyme-rich, raw foods provide increased energy, weight loss, clearer skin, mental clarity, better sleep, and overall healing.

Basically, eating raw foods does the body good.

And, Go Raw is proud to be Organic, NON GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan and Kosher, as well as nut-free, soy-free, and dairy-free.

What more could you ask for in a snack?

Well, I’d say a Salad Snax and some Live Chocolate are next up on my wish list! (Oh, and I truly love the Tangy Lime Coconut Crisps too!)

Thanks, Go Raw ~ thorough enjoyment.



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  1. I’ve fallen in love with Tangy Lime Coconut Crisps, can’t get enough of them!!! I have tried some of the bars and the Go Raw Sprouted Sunflower Seeds…you are right , everything they make seems to be delicious!

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