I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  “Just eat REAL food.”
Human food.
Food that was created on this magnificent earth to feed and nourish our bodies.
Food that our bodies were created to enjoy and consume.
Food that does not come with labels, calorie counts, nutrition facts, and ingredient labels.
Food that does not come in a package.

The “problem” that society faces today does not come from eating too many carbs, too much fat, too much protein…
Society simply has lost touch with the concept of FOOD – real food.

12 Fast Food Items That Have A Disgusting Number Of Ingredients.


As shocking as the reality of this article is, it is equally surprising to me that the “fix” seems so simple.  Simple – yet entirely unreachable to the majority of the population.

Life is like that sometimes.

There is an answer…

(**Hint, the answer is not a longer list of ingredients.  In fact, no ingredients are necessary.  You will find both the truth and the answer inside yourself.)

3 thoughts on “Just Eat REAL Food

  1. Hey there, Salud-Lady–
    Every time I try to comment in here, I have trouble. I get to a certain point in the comment and the box begins to flicker and my most recently typed words don’t show up. Can’t see what I’m typing after a certain number of words. The whole comment boxn shakes. Any idea what’s going on? Love the idea of no labels. Whole foods, like you’ve preached. Recently finished Jason Seib’s book and really enjoyed it. “The Wife” and I are now going on 8 weeks pretty pure Paleo (though Jason might quibble with that adjective) and feeling much better for it. Sleeping better and have more energy and (actually) a better attitude going into work in the morning. All “winning” as the Sheenster would say. I made that sweet potato-nutmeg-zucchini-scrambled egg meal the other day. Loved it!

    1. Oh my goodness…my favorite Salud! man!!! I do miss seeing you and love how you always make me laugh 🙂

      I’m so glad you finally broke down and read Jason‘s book (The Paleo Coach). It’s “epic,” right? Honestly, Jason is so amazingly educated and knowledgeable. He practices what he preaches and is a living, breathing example of what life really should be like! It’s simple: EAT REAL FOOD and, of course, EXERCISE SMART! Enough of all the over the top junk (food and exercise) our country insists on becoming obsessed with.
      I’m thrilled to hear you’re sleeping better, have more energy, and have a better attitude. Me too, me too!! We ARE “winning.”

      Glad you loved your Savory Breakfast Scramble. Super yummy. I scrambled some fennel, onions, tomatoes, and eggs in coconut oil this morning. In fact, you’ll see the fennel recipe coming soon and you too can use your leftovers for a scrumptious breakfast.

      Anyway, great to hear from you! I don’t know what’s up with the comments section of the blog on your end. I’ve not had that feedback from anyone else. Keep trying, or always feel free to email me at ashleykipp@gmail.com or thecraving4more@gmail.com. I love hearing from you!! You just made my day 🙂

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