I’m very new to cooking lamb.  Yes, I’m in love with lamb sausage – but that’s easy.  The butchers take care of the hard part.

Tonight I tackled (or attempted) my first leg of lamb.

No recipe.

No experience.

No fear….

With fresh rosemary, elephant garlic, and fresh lemon already on hand, I made a rub (with a little extra sea salt and fresh ground pepper) for the lamb.



I carefully pan seared the leg on the stove, with the desire to slow braise in the oven.  I possess no dutch oven, so stove-top cooking was the decided upon method.
Sauteed onions – cooked in the rendered fat from the leg – some veggie broth and lemon juice – and some time.

The lamb was served atop rosemary mashers and sprinkled with sauteed kale.  I do believe the presentation would have been sublime without the kale to interfere with the visual phenomenon of the lamb – but I’m crazy for kale, as we well know.


Lessons learned:  lower heat and less time – I would have preferred the leg a little more rare…
trim the fat after searing – I definitely dislike the texture of biting into a huge wad of fat (no matter how much the grassfed community tries to convince me otherwise) – yuck…
garnish with kale after photos are taken…

Be sure, I will attempt “ewe” again…
Rosemary Garlic Lemon Leg of Lamb


3 thoughts on “Lamb-tastic

  1. Nice work! Too bad I don’t like lamb, although I can handle lamb sausage. Have you ever had the lamb sausage from City Market in NW? It’s delicious. I’m with you, even when I have grass-fed meats, it’s unpleasant to bite into fat. It’s not so bad if it’s mixed in shredded meat that cooked in the crock pot, but otherwise it’s hard to stomach. I totally understand, but I’m kind of a texture person too 😉

  2. It sounds fabulous! Very much like you had many times growing up at home except without the kale…we may have had spinach instead!

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