I’ve always been a fan of a warm cup of tea.
Soothing. Healing. Warming. Nourishing. Aromatic.

I’m also a huge fan of wellness, of course.

Thus, a sampling of wellness teas by L’dara only makes perfect sense for me.

L'dara Wellness Tea

When one thinks of tea, one thinks of China, where tea plants were first discovered nearly 4,000 years ago in the highland rainforests of what is today known as Yunnan Province.

Before it found worldwide fame as a refreshing and delicious beverage, tea was originally used for medicinal purposes. As far back as the Shang dynasty, leading practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine found that tea was ideal for a wide range of health and wellness concerns, especially when formulated in combination with other synergistic herbs.

Modern research has confirmed this, of course, which is one of the reasons why tea is the most widely consumed drink on Earth!

Typically I enjoy a cup of tea mid morning, and sometimes in the early afternoon, simply for the sensation. I just love the smooth warmth inside my soul. I’m aware of the health properties of many of the delicate leaves, but that has not necessarily been my motivation.

The wellness teas by L’dara, though, now have me thinking just a little bit differently.

You see, I was gifted with the rare opportunity to sip on all six varieties.


I began with BEAUTIFUL.
“Supports radiant, glowing skin.”
Beautiful is how you’ll feel every time you sip this fragrant and delicious blend. There’s no better way to hydrate your complexion while pampering your senses – green tea, white tea, rooibos, chamomile, hibiscus, dandelion, and cinnamon.
You can see exactly why I choose this one first. The fragrance is astonishing. Beautiful. Sweet.
I do find this to be true though, with all teas – often the aroma is so much more sensual than the flavor. This is definitely the case with L’dara and this variety. But it didn’t matter – the lovely floral senses lingered for quite some time.

Next I went for SLIM/DETOX. Again, I picked this one out purely for the amazing floral smell.
“Supports healthy weight management and detoxification.”
Slim/Detox is a great way to help you to find and maintain your healthy weight – green, white, oolong, and green rooibos.
Yum, again.
If you know me well, you know I definitely do not need the weight management effects of this particular variety – or metabolic support – but I do quite enjoy the detoxification properties of dandelion AND adore the idea of gynostemma for energy, stamina, enhanced circulation, and a positive mood. Woohoo!

And the following morning, I steeped a cup of ENERGIZE.
“Recharges body and mind.” – We could all use a bit of a recharge, right?
Energize is a great way to invigorate and recharge mind and body with no edgy or jittery feeling – Brazilian green yerba mate, bancha green tea, Ceylon black tea, gynostemma (again), and American ginseng.
This is a power packed cup for sure!
The tea blend definitely had a very strong black and green tea smell, but it remained quite pleasant on the back of the tongue.
And call me crazy, but I did actually feel a bit more energetic that morning. Crazy true!

Interestingly enough, I had an upset tummy the next morning, so my choice for DIGEST was perfect.
“Soothing comfort for your digestive system.”
Drink Digest any time your digestive system needs soothing. The tea blend is balanced to help you feel at ease after any meal – ginger peppermint, lemongrass, and chamomile.
No wonder I enjoyed this one – I’m a big fan of ginger.
It soothed my tummy for sure.

Next up was the RELAX variety. I love to relax – yes, I do, believe it or not.
“Promotes peace of mind.” And, since I have been known to struggle with relaxation, the promotion of peace of mind is something I’ll take any day.
Relax wellness tea is perfect for whenever you want a feeling of complete calmness and relaxation – lemon verbena, calendula, chamomile, rosemary, lavender, lemongrass, cinnamon, and rose petals.
With such a combination, I almost felt as though I was immersing myself in a hot bath full of essential oils and herbs. Divine and unwind.
This one is great.

Finally, I sat with a cup of steeped IMMUNE.
“Supports your body’s defenses.” 
Immune is a delicious was to support your body’s defenses. For optimal support year-round – rooibos, honey bush, goji berries, and American ginseng.
This blend is like a hot cup of superfoods.
The ingredients are quite powerful.
Not that I needed a boost to my immune system necessarily, but I truly believe supporting the body on a daily basis is vital and essential to optimal health.
Way to go, L’dara.

With so many delicious and unique varieties, I quite enjoyed my week of tea.
The experience was exquisite.

And, another great part ~

The world has fallen in love with tea, and global demand has been increasing at an astonishing rate. Unfortunately, this increase in demand has adversely affected tea quality. Increased pollution, poor farming methods, pesticide and insecticide use, heavy metals, artificial flavors, and lack of proper testing can all take a heavy toll on the quality and safety of teas…But, L’dara wellness teas have a different story…
Developed with the cooperation of experts in dietary supplement formulation, L’dara is labeled at Certified Wellness Grade – which means 100% pure, safe, natural, and authentic ingredients.

Enjoy a spot of wellness in every cup.

Really, do it. It’s amazing.

Go ahead. Find out more here.

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  1. What a Wonderful review. I am a partnered with L’dara and have Loved these Wellness teas. They also taste delicious blended together, so do be afraid to be adventurous. ?

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! I absolutely loved the tea and can’t wait to get my hands on some more. It’s utterly delightful and I’m so grateful I was introduced.

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