That’s right – bacon!  I’ve said it (typed it) and tagged it.  Let’s see how many hits the site gets today!

Amazingly, any time I mention bacon in my musings, the blog site stats skyrocket!  Bacon is all the rage, and apparently it’s more amazing than any of us thought.  New science is claiming that bacon is now the key to longevity.  Really?

Well, ye.  This 105-year-old Texan granny insists that her daily cured (and highly processed, in this case) pork belly indulgence is absolutely, most definitely the key to her lingering age status.  It’s her “dirty” little secret.

105-Year-Old Texas Woman Reveals Bacon as her Secret behind Long Life : Health & Medicine : Science World Report.


Thank goodness Oscar Meyer received word and treated this lady to a ride in the infamous Weinermobile!

It truly amazes me – or not – how any amount of research may result in a biased view so to highlight the desired outcome of the money behind the project.  Money talks.

Bottom line – do your research on your research, I suppose.

And the fine print: “This story comes as a challenge to the latest study conducted by the University of Zurich, which clearly states that eating too much bacon elevates the risk for bowel cancer.”
-Huh, imagine that…

Needless to say, there is nothing wrong with some good pastured pork lard (in the form of bacon) once in a while if that’s what floats your Weinermobile.  In fact, there is now plenty of emerging data (NOT funded by the meat or pork industry) citing that there exists no correlation at all between poor heart health and saturated animal fat.  The animal fat is where we can gain some of the most beneficial elements and fatty acids essential to our bodies.

Perhaps, though, if we’re delighting our taste buds (you know me, I’m not really a bacon fan anyway) with the thin, thick, smoky, salty, hearty, meaty, maple, chewy or crispy slabs of meat, let’s do our bodies a “solid” and consume only the very best!

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