Kale is nutritious.  Kale is delicious.  I love kale for so many reasons.

In an effort to increase the consumption of kale nation-wide, we now have Fifty Shades of Kale AND a call to action: National Kale Day!


Eat More Kale

This Is Your Brain on Kale

Yes, eat more kale.  I totally agree.

There is a point, though, where we can go overboard.  Really, Americans going too far – taking something to the extreme?  Yeps – I said it, “too much kale” may, in fact exist in the lives of some of the wellness junkies out there.

I will certainly continue in my kale consumption, also pursuing other leafy green varietals, and maybe some seaweed, with a vengeance.  On October 2, though, I believe I now have an excuse to go KALE ME CRAZY!

kale me crazy

4 thoughts on “This Is Your Brain on Kale

  1. Needless to say, I loved this post. And will follow up by making (yet again) another kale salad for dinner tonight. Thank you.

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