My writing these ridiculous little nuances about myself was most directly inspired by my friend Alisa of Paleo in PDX.  Her Funny Confessions post last week made me giggle.  Reading about her reminded me of how fabulous vulnerability can be in life.  It’s not until we allow ourselves to be vulnerable that true growth and transformation can take place.  In fact, as I’m in a spot in my life where I so long for a metamorphosis of sorts, I actually compiled a very detailed list of everything I felt would be important for someone to really, really know about me.  By really, really know – I mean REALLY know.  Things that someone else would need to be aware of and willing to accept before delving deeper into me and all that I entail.

Timely.  Coincidental.

There are no coincidences in life.  There is always a Plan.

Random and Ridiculous “Things” About Me

1.  I am overwhelmingly afraid of birds.  They scare me to death.  I will do anything and everything to avoid being near them.

2.  I am a germaphobe.  I hate touching dirty things – and I hate dirty things touching me!  We have a very strict no-shoe rule, as well as other “cleanliness related” rules in our house.  My amazing husband deals with all of this every day – and all the OCD that goes along with my fear of germs.  This has gotten progressively worse as I’ve gotten older, by the way.

3.  I am a neat-freak….on the outside.  Everything at home and in my work space is spic and span and in perfect order – or so it seems.  I have always been this way.  But, if one were to open the drawers and peer inside, it’s a bit of a different story.  Disorder and disarray rule the roost in the inside!  In all honesty, I have to believe this to be a bit of a metaphor for my life in general.  I may look like I have it all together from a distance, but I’m just as frazzled and confused inside as the next guy.

4.  I think about monsters in the closet too.  (Alisa knows what I mean here.)  My monsters are kind and friendly.  In fact, I say goodnight to Sulley each night silently as I peer across the room and towards the closet door.

5.  I still sleep with my childhood teddy bear.  I simply cannot go a night without Snuffles.  He has always been there for me.  He’s part of my safe-space.  He’s REAL. Thank you, Mom, for teaching me and allowing for Snuffles to become REAL in my life.


6.  I strongly despise bananas, bacon, and olives – but I think you already knew that.  I keep trying to like them.  I’ll keep you updated.

**I can’t believe I found this photo of bacon and olives together…it would be asking too much for bananas to be included.picxeTPJ8

7.  I have a cookbook obsession.  I LOVE to buy cookbooks, skim through the recipes, and absorb all the beautiful photos.  However, I am absolutely incapable of following a recipe.  I believe I use my stacks and cupboards full of books as future inspiration.  It’s my excuse for why I’m just so darned creative when it comes to food!!

8.  I adore the movies.  If I had the option, I would visit the movie theater every day.  The dark theater, big screen, and solitude of the stadium seat, blocks out all other distractions and I’m finally able to focus – and to be entertained.  It’s great.  I love it.  In fact, in college, each Friday, I used to visit the local theater for the 10:30am matinee show.  All alone.  Truly wonderful.

9.  I love to dance.  BUT, there is a condition here.  I love to dance with my dad.  I can close my eyes and dream about it with such joy and delight.  The memory and imagination of this fantastical experience for me is so incredibly strong, I begin to tear up as I think about spinning carefree across the floor.  Thank you, Dad.  This will always be one of my most favorite memories.

10.  I have a pajama fixation.  No matter what store or internet site – if p.j.’s are sold – I naturally find myself there.  It’s almost as if I have nightie radar.  The funny part of this is, though, that I sleep in a plain old tank top.  Nothing fancy.  I’m only comfortable in something plain and familiar as day.  If it’s too long, it wraps and twists around me in the night.  Long sleeves and long pants are too hot.  I’m quite picky, in fact, when it comes to what I actually wear.  But, I just love looking at lacy, sexy, cute, unique, …. any type of p.j.  Perhaps I shall create a sobriquet: P.J.  No, I don’t think so…


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  1. You must love the TV series “Monk” a detective germaphobe. I recommend Llama Llama Red Pajama, my 2-year old niece looks good in them and comes with a stuffed llama to cuddle with.

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